Chicago Ecclesia Jan - June 2019 Serving Schedule 
Sunday Event  Speaker Presider Emblems Alternate
Jan 6, 2019   Dan Otto Laura W Lori B
Jan 13   Russ Robert F Laura W Lori B
Jan 20 Lunch/Brother's Trent Ramazani Laura W Lori B
Jan 27   Ramazani Dan Laura W Lori B
Feb 3   Marc Russ Sherry Chris
Feb 10   Robert F Trent Sherry Chris
Feb 17 Lunch/Brother's Chuck Robert M Sherry Chris
Feb 24 Bloomington Wkd Nick  Marc Sherry Chris
March 3   Gary Nick Rosemary Liz
March 10   Robert M Chuck Rosemary Liz
March 17 Lunch/Brother's Livre Otto Rosemary Liz
March 24   Dan Robert F Rosemary Liz
March 31   Russ Ramazani Rosemary Liz
April 7   Trent Dan Beth Marta
April 14   Ramazani Russ Beth Marta
April 21 Lunch/Brother's Marc Trent Beth Marta
April 28   Robert F Robert M Beth Marta
May 5   Chuck Marc Ruth Mickey
May 12   Nick  Chuck Ruth Mickey
May 19 Lunch/Brother's Gary Otto Ruth Mickey
May 26   Robert M Nick Ruth Mickey
June 2 Semi-Bus Meeting Livre Robert F Sue J Melinda
June 9   Dan Ramazani Sue J Melinda
June 16 Lunch/Brother's Russ Dan Sue J Melinda
June 23   Trent Russ Sue J Melinda
June 30 GLCBS Chuck Otto Sue J Melinda
July 7 Lunch Sunday Ramazani Trent Sangani Sharon
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